How I can help.

'Providing specialist senior support on a short or medium-term basis

to businesses which need it.'

Business advice and analysis

I offer support as a business advisor and can provide everything from a full commercial health check and MOT of your operation to analysis of your business to help achieve more commercial efficiency and (crucially), effectiveness. I can also help you to evaluate and form commercial strategies bringing ideas to the table for consideration.

Interim management

I can provide support to any business with a need for the temporary or interim cover of an executive director, managing director, commercial director or sales director whether your business needs a part-time or short to medium-term credible senior leadership solution. Alternatively, if you are an investor looking for senior leader to help within an invested business, then I can support this also.

Non-executive director

I can provide support in the role of a non-executive director. I have a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience to help offer guidance & advice and I can help open doors as well offering the benefit of being independent.

Business structure

I can provide support for start ups or established businesses which are ready for the next stage in their development, whether that includes launch or exit strategies, structural change or a relaunch. I can assist with future planning and initiating change. If you want to restructure your business, I can help provide analysis and planned implementation of those changes.

Business growth

Having been in large corporates and private equity backed businesses, 

involved in MBOs and working in senior positions in small independently owned businesses. I've gained extensive knowledge and experience in many different areas including acquisitions (as both the target and acquisitor) and managing the subsequent integrations. I've led and been through major reorganisation programmes, launched products, been on boards of directors and involved in an IPO with successful flotation. So, I can really help support your business with it's future investment and growth plans.

Specialist knowledge

With an extensive amount of experience within the healthcare supply chain and alongside experience in other retail sectors too, I can support any business seeking to access healthcare or retail supply chains at any point, which may include supporting healthcare suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, generic manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers to mention just a few.

Team development

I can provide 'all level' 1:1 and team mentoring from sales teams through mid to senior leadership teams, which for example could include team development, leadership team transition or sales and commercial team development. I recognise that team blends and structures are vitally important and I'm skilled and highly experienced in this dynamic.

Increasing sales

I am expert at structuring sales teams. I understand the dynamic between buying and sales and marketing functions and can provide case studies where I have helped to improve and achieve results in these areas. I can facilitate sales / commercial strategy formulation, alongside help in managing or facilitating customer introductions and representations.

Market access

I have a lot of experience which can support businesses which need to access a market, define a route to market or evaluate what route to market is best for the business. This maybe driven by a need for increased sales, the launching of new services, launching a new business, commercialising products or a brand new product launch.

Understanding customers

As we all know, understanding your customers is key and customer engagement is vital. I can support and encourage customer focused activities, providing help in facilitating customer focus groups and customer engagement survey services. I can also help to establish a customer relationship mapping service for the business.

Help with investment

Businesses seeking investment, may require representation and guidance and having been in this position myself, I can provide help and support at these times. I can support investors too by mentoring and providing guidance for investee business management teams. Investors who need some transformational or leadership change may also benefit from using a proven and credible professional.

Assessing supply chains

In helping to provide your business with a supply chain health check, you can assess your supply chain's efficiency and effectiveness. If change is needed, then I can help to implement and affect the changes required to streamline and strengthen those supply chains.

Adopting new technologies

I have always been a keen supporter and adopter of new technology and been open to what's available. I've found from early on in my career that having an open mind and being willing to investigate and try new experiences and services can have a very positive effect on how you do business. Looking at and talking about how technology can benefit businesses is something in which I strongly believe.

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