Brian Fisher.



With over 35 years experience beginning on the shop floor, through junior management and into senior leadership roles, with years as director, managing director, owner and shareholder and having been involved in MBO, IPO and private acquisitions, I've gained invaluable knowledge and experience across all areas of business. I've learnt how to identify, action and effect changes within businesses, getting the best out of the people involved along the way. I like to do things the right way, so that any decisions or changes are made for the right reasons and can be carried out in a timely and cost effective way.


Healthcare sector.

Pharmacy & pharmaceutical industry.

NHS sector.

Retail sector.

Private hospital sector.

Pharmaceutical supply chain.

Sales and profit optimisation.

Business transformation.

Organisational change.



Staff development at all levels.

Complex strategic relationships and contracts.

Customer, competitor, supplier and associated relationships.

Investor management.

Multiple business group structure.

Various ownership structures from private individuals, management owned, private equity backed, plc and global corporations.

A little bit about me

I love my Scottish heritage and my family - my wife and I have two amazing boys. I like sport and I'm a keen golfer. I enjoy travelling and have spent time travelling all over the world for business and for pleasure. Gaining the new experiences that different cultures can offer is inspirational and interesting to me. I love seeing new technology and I am a keen user and adopter of it. To relax, I like to listen to music, play golf, enjoy good food & wine and football at Old Trafford when possible. I am passionate about family values, child welfare, social issues and just generally doing the right thing.

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