Why use me?

'Supplying specialist senior support as a flexible and

cost-effective solution.'

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'driving commercial change'

Why use my support?

If your business needs some leadership support or is experiencing a period of change and needs some experienced help to enable restructuring, planning for future growth, evaluation of your current practices or maybe even bringing a new product to market. I can support, guide and advise you through the required steps and processes. I can also bring new ideas and initiatives to the table, identifying and suggesting new methods & approaches and if required, helping you to implement the plan.

What role can I provide?

I can provide support in many capacities to help, guide and advise you and your business. I can provide senior support when an extra pair of experienced hands or eyes are needed or when you don't have the need for (or don't want to pay for), full time senior management or additional directors. I can offer temporary or interim leadership as a director or a managing director and can also provide senior leadership to support investors within invested businesses. My role within your business can be flexible in either a short or medium term capacity to suit your needs.

Who can it work for?

I provide specialist support to any business that needs me and in which I can add value - startups and SMEs right through to blue chip organisations and on behalf of investors.

What are the benefits of my specialist support?

You'll receive valuable help with the benefit of my experience and knowledge as well as the support of a proven senior professional who can advise upon and action development or commercial change within your business. All of which is designed to provide you with a flexible and cost effective alternative to employing permanent senior staff who would most likely require a highly salaried position and expensive package. I pride myself on getting to know you and your business so that I can fully understand your needs and requirements.

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